Intelligent alarm systems

based on understanding of philosophy

2016-08-09 20:05 Niels Jensen

Safepark is involved in artificial intelligence (AI) as we are involved in the application of Multilevel Flow Modeling (MFM) in connection with the development of alarm systems for complex technical artifacts, such as chemical plants or oil platforms. In this connection some concepts from philosophy is very relevant, such something being observer independent or observer relative. For example a mountain is observer independent, ie. it exist outside the observer. However, things like pain or fear are observer relative, since these don't exist outside the observer feeling them. In this lecture as Google John Searle explains these concepts and others, such as objectivity and subjectivity as well as epistemic and ontological

Understand how process operators focus attention

Ones you have finished the video posted here, than watch this one from the University of Cologne in Germany about perception and intentionality: (Note: This is a 2 hour long seminar!). However, it may give you a hint about the ability of process operators to focus their attention on a particular part of a complex process schematic during a situation in a control room in a chemical plant or refinery.