The Art of Working Properly

Company belief!

Safepark believes, that process safety is the art of working properly. Working properly means taking a scientific approach to solving your health, safety and environmental (HSE) challenges. Art is finding a common sense basis in your company culture to achieve the ultimate goal of process safety: That everyone are certain to return to loved ones at the end of a workday without injury.

Read about casting from openSUSE Leap 15.2 set up using graphical firewall configurator here , and USD drivers for Anroid device here, and Android 11 on Nexus 7 (2013) here.

2020-04-29 14.00 Niels Jensen

Safepark design modern responsive newsletters

In these challenging times most of us have a different work situation. At Safepark we decided to use the time to learn new skills.

New Conversion Service

We now offer to convert your single column company newsletter to a dual column responsive design, that looks equally well on the your smartphone, tablet and PC screen. It is our experience, that the conversion of a single column newsletter containing 10-15 news items take 3-5 workdays depending on how much graphics work is involved. We only charge for the conversion, the template itself is free.

The result is the responsive designed template, which you see an example of to the right. It automatically adapt to your smartphone or iphone or tablet. Using the template requires some knowledge of html. If your company don't have these skills in-house we can help you set up each edition of the newsletter.

Distribution Service

We recommend, that you use SalesHandy for distributing your newsletter, as they provide a service, which give you a report about the reception of your newsletter, and support direct import of the html template code.

Contract us if you need further information about any of these services. Or our other process safety related offerings.

IJH - It just happens!

But why only in process control?

2019-11-01 17:00 Niels Jensen

Five years ago ExxonMobil challenges the process control suppliers to make process control system implementation, upgrade and operations smarter. The first result of the challenge - smart junction box - has reduced the time to commission a loop from 1 hour to 5 minutes.

At Schneider Electri Innovation Days in Austin, Texas about a week ago attendees were challenged to take this to the next level: IJH 2.0. With EJH 2.0 - to be deployed from 2021 - the challenge is to define a modularized functional container for software, a smart standard controller, and a standard, integrated engineering tool, as well as cyber security.... Read more here!

Exxon Mobil Beaumont control room, shows todays standard control room, which improve operator performance. But what about the behind the screen efforts? How can we improve engineer performance? Picture borrowed form ExxonMobil Beaumont website.

Important learnings from war games

Control system cybersecurity expert Joe Weiss report from the 2019 Naval War College Cyber War Game - observations and learnings

Read more here!

Is Grindsted the Danish Love Canal?

On June 20th this the Danish weekly newspaper “Weekendavisen” (link to Danish language website of the weekly) published a report by freelance writer Jakob Jensen called “Alas, how changed!” (link to Danish original behind paywall). When reading Jakob Jensen’s report about this town in the middle of Jutland, I started thinking about the Love Canal dumpsite at Niagara Falls, USA. Read more about the pollution at Love Canal her. I could not stop speculating whether Grindsted the Danish equivalent of Love Canal?

Grindsted is a city of about 10,000 inhabitants about 60 km from the west coast of Jutland. One of the larger employers of this town is a chemical factory, which years - with the approval of the government - dumped chemical waste containing chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, cyanide, mercury on at least four different sites in the city and also at Kærgård Klitplantage. In the city the material seeped into the creak, and at Kærgård it seeped into the North Sea.

Read some excerpts of Jakob Jensen's report from Grindsted here, and judge for yourself if my headline is correct or not. Send any comments to .

Safepark provide safety related consulting and teaching

Our experience and consulting services include:

  • Functional Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies. How to prepare for it, how to run it, and how to follow up.

  • Functional Annonciator Panel Layout. How to provide operator guidedance in the panel layout.

  • Functional Control Room Layout. How to create an efficient work environment for your operators. We have practical experience from a major Canadian company.

  • Use of Dow's Chemical Exposure Index during site selection and initial conceptual plant design. Dow's Chemical Exposure Index can help evaluate the impact of your facility on the neigboring community. We have teaching experience from a major university.

  • Use of Dow's Fire & Explosion Index to create safer plant layout. Dow's Fire & Explosion Index can help you create layouts, which avoids or minimize domino effects in plants and tank farms. We have teaching experience from a major university.

About our owner

Niels Jensen is a retired professional engineer, who has extensive experience with process safety and process control in chemical plants and laboratories.

Before starting Safepark Niels had a rewarding career as teacher and safety leader in academia improving students understanding of process safety, and as process control leader in the chemical industry implementing multivariable control based on both laboratory and online measurements on reactors and distillation columns.

Niels is available to facilitate your process safety improvement project or for private consultations on process safety. You can reach Niels at +45 4141 5531 or

From the summer of 2008 until early 2018 Safepark has been part of a group encouraging developments in Multilevel Flow Modeling (MFM), which is a rule base technology for modelling industrial plants for reasoning about their states. Your can read more about MFM on . Niels have published papers about use of MFM during a HAZOP study and about MFM usage in alarm design and response to alarms. Some of these are featured below.

Two of the potential uses of MFM is in HAZOP analysis and in alarm design, as described in the articles below. However, MFM is not limited to be used in such operational tasks, but could also profitably be used in the development of a chemical plant design, from concept to start-up.

Recently Niels co-authored together professors emeritus Sten Bay Jørgensen and Morten Lind titled "Functional Modeling View on Product and Process Engineering in Design and Operations" in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.8b06338

2010 IJNS Rossing_et_al A_goal_based_methodology_for_HAZOP_analysis.pdf
2011 IJNS Article T_Us_et_al Fundamental_principles_of_alarm_design.pdf