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Safepark is based on the belief, that process safety is the art of working properly. Working properly means taking a scientific approach to solving your heatlh, safety and environmental (HSE) challenges. Art is finding a common sense basis in your company culture to achieve the ultimate goal of process safety: That everyone are certain to return to loved onces at the end of a workday.

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Our involvement with process safety started with a major Canadian integrated oil company, where attitude to a safe work environment was tested already during the challenges presented to candidates during the first job interview. The attitude towards process safety was further targeted during involvement with laboratory safety in heavily experimental chemical engineering department.
We have extensive experience in introducing people to the Dow Chemical Exposure Index and the Dow Fire & Explosion Index. One day courses in either of these have been given many times.
For self-study we recommend the AIChE publications, whose fronts are shown here.

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