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Risk Assessment in Chemical Industry course re-design - checklists

In the later part of 2006 Niels was involved in re-design of a course on risk assessment in chemical industry at the Technical University of Denmark. As part of the re-design process a number of checklist templates was created with the course header. These template was intended to be used in the first run of the re-designed course in the spring of 2007. Unfortunately a black out while driving home late in January prevented that from happening.

Now, at the first step in releasing information about the re-designed course, we are now providing access to the templates in our resources section. The templates were created using OpenOffice, and works without problems in LibreOffice. Please let us know if you want the templates in a different format.

2006 02 26 Course_28852 CEI_Containment_and_Mitigation_Checklist.odt
2006 02 27 Course_28852 Checklist_for_Asset_Identification.odt
2006 02 26 Course_28852 MOC_Safety_Assessment_Checklist.odt
2006 02 26 Course_28852 Informal_Inspection_Checklist_Fire_Prevention_and_Control.odt
2006 02 26 Course_28852 Formal_Workplace_Inspection_Checklist.odt
2006 02 26 Course_28852 Informal_Inspection_Checklist_General_Physical_Conditions.odt
2006 02 26 Course_28852 Informal_Inspection_Checklist_Occupational_Environmental_and_Health.odt
2006 02 28 Course_28852 Staying_Motivated_Checklist.odt
2006 02 27 Course_28852 Facility_Inherent_Vulnerability_Assessment_Checklist.pdf

Chemical Engineering Plant Cost Index

Here are a Google Sheet with values of the Plant Cost Index from Chemical Engineering from around 1950 to around 2005. These values have been collected from publicly available sources.

Chemical Engineering Plant Cost Index Annual

Risk Assessment of chemicals and experimental setups in laboratories

Here are to forms based on forms developed at DTU Kemiteknik som years ago. At the time of development the whole system was paper based. In these days of co-operative editing of a share file on e.g. Google Drive it would make more sense to have an electronic system, which the manager of the system prohibiting editing a given sheet after approval. I would suggest one Google Sheet per person. That way one can easily verify, that a given person have done the required risk assessment of a given chemical before using it.

One form called "Chemical APV" is for risk assessment of a given chemical for use by a given person in a given research group. The other form "Experimental Setup Safety Assessment" is for risk assessment of a given experimental setup for use in a given research group by anyone in the research group, who have been properly trained on the experimental setup.

Chemical APV
Experimental Setup Safety Assessment