Past Clients

Our basic idea is, that most organisation can achieve god process safety performance simply by living our moto, i.e. working properly at all times and in all situations. Hence mostly our assistance should not be needed, and hence we are not actively looking for new clients. However, if you seriously believe you need discuss HSE challenges with us then write to, and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

In the past we have worked with

  • Kongsberg Maritime on safety reivew of FEED documents for off-shore production facility in Arctic. This thought us, that there is more to working in the arctic, than coping with the cold and the long dark winters.
  • DTU-Byg on teaching an introductory chemical facility risk assessment course for fire safety students, most of whom had a civil engineering background. The course - given in Danish - included introduction to possible negative events in chemical and related facilities, application of Dow's Chemical Exposure Index and Dow's Fire & Explosion Index both in its original form and in the form, that does not need economic data, and plant layout to reduce the likelihood of domino effects during an emergency.
  • DTU-Elektro on improvement to Multilevel Flow Modelling for use as operator aid for alarm handling in chemical plants including discussions on necessary enhancements to MFM to handle multi component streams in chemical plants.

We would love to work with you on

  • Functional Modelling of Alarm Systems. Our experience indicate, that a well-controlled and operated chemical plant should not generate more than 2-3 operator alerts per hour during normal operations.
  • Aligning Safety Goals to Plant Culture. Our experience indicate, that culture, and hence selection of your employees is properly the most important parameter - outside top management - to influence the safety performance of your facility. There is some indications, that a well maintained plant is also a safe plant. However, we still lag data to support this rather sensible claim.