About Safepark

Safepark was created after the owner was fired from DTU after 20 years employment there. The focus has been and still is to continue working on process safety in collaboration with others in order to improve the art of working properly. The company has special expertise within Functional HAZOP, a methodology initially developed by Netta Rossing, which use multilevel flow modelling (MFM) to prepare for the hazard and operability (HAZOP) study meetings.

Goal based alarming design, which design alarms for conditions, that threaten a system goal, and use MFM models for alarm filtering, so e.g. a low cooling water flow alarm is only presented to the operator if the cooling is needed. Teaching introductory risk assessment to people without a chemical engineering background. Usually this involve introduction to Dow's Chemical Exposure Index and Dow's Fire & Explosion Index as well as the HAZOP methodology.

Adapting risk assessment tools for application to experimental setups in university laboratories, so students learn the general idea of risk assessment hans on during their studies. This also include chemical hazard evaluation prior to using a new chemical for the first time.

Helping create a web-presence

Beside the main focus on process safety the company is also on a voluntary basis involved in web-site development for e.g. the Multilevel Flow Modelling Community, MDS DK Patientstøtte, www.mds-and-you.info, www.wp-lossprevention.eu and previously also Slangerup Church Council. Most of these sites make extensive use of Google Apps to increase transparency and sharing of information. In this work we attempt to use free and often also open source software, e.g. the linux distribuation openSUSE as computer operating system, LibreOffice.org as office suite for letters, guides, spreadsheets and presentations, GIMP for image manipulation, and increasingly G Suite or the free versions for creating, storing and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Whenever we encounter a problem in our use of open source software, and finds a solution, the solution is shared on our blogs pages. This is our small way of given something back to the community.

You can read about our founder, CEO and CTO Niels Jensen here.