Wines we like or dislike

Good Non-vintage Wine

Stonewood in California don't believe in vintage. So when I received this Stonewood Red Reserve as a gift from a friend, who really appreciate wines I was curious. I turned out, that the red reserve blend is a very smooth wine - a contrast to the Italian and Spanish wines, we often drink, and I think it went well with our beef tenderloin.

A Surprsingly Good Toscana Red

This wine have been on our small wine shelf for a number of years. We enjoyed it during a midweek dinner featuring re-heated beef tenderloin. My wife immediately liked it, but I thought it was a bit sour. We only drank part of the bottle the first evening, and enjoyed finishing it the next. After finishing I took this picture, and search Vivino. Quite surprised about the price. We normally limit ourselves to wines at half this price.

Wine as Compensation

Some weeks ago my went to our local VW dealer to get a light-bulb exchanged. That went fine. While she was there she asked, if they could find here a new wireless key, since the one she had was severely broken. As first the response was, that the particular kind of key was no longer available. But after a few days the called her to tell, that the actually had found a supplier, and then she found a day, when she could come in and have the new key coded to match our car looks. She asked if she had to take along my key, but was told, that would not be necessary.

She turned up at the agreed time, got her key encoded, and drove home. Then she tried to open the car with my key. It no longer worked. Angrily she drove back to the shop, put the key on the counter and said, that it didn't work. She was not pleased.

When she was handed the keys back the shop also gave her a bottle of 2012 Amalaya Malbec - Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon Tinto De Corte. The one on the picture is a year younger, but seems well rated.

Smooth Chianti Classico

Most of our wines are either bought at the internet store Jysk Vin, or wines, which my mother wins at bingo. This 2012 Poggio Bonelli Chianti Classico is my latest buy from Jysk Vin. I is a nice smooth wine, which in my view goes well with italian dishes - properly on our menu 2-3 times a week.

My price at Jysk Vin was considerably less than the average prices listed by Vivino.