Operator Decision Support - What is needed?

Decision support is more than display of info

2016-08-12 15:50 Niels Jensen

At Safepark we believe, that a decision support aimed at operators in chemical plants and refineries is not just about the display of situation relevant information for the process operators, such as the attached brochures about Foxboro's Evo and GE's Smart Operator appear to suggest. It requires a means for accessing the situation, that the operator is in. And that requires a model of how the process is working and interacting with the automatic control and safety systems, Such a model should not be a simulation model, because in a critical situation, there is little time to have people run simulations and analyse what the mean before an advice is given to the operator.

Decision Support

It stead we need a model, which can be used for reasoning about current process situation using live data from the running process in order to suggest actions, which the operator can immediately review and act on.

The necessary models should reflect the functionality of the process and its automatic control and safety systems.Such models can be developed using Multilevel Flow Modeling (MFM) and good process operating knowledge. The MFM models, which are based on fundamental theories of action, have the ability to exhibit the same functional behavior as the actual process and take into account current process status - including trends - arrive at a pertinent advise to the operator.

2014 Foxboro_Evo Situational_Awereness_and_Control_HMI_for_Operators.pdf
2016 Automation_World_GE_Smart_Operator_Decision_Support_eBook.pdf