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Gingerbread on HTC Magic

- succesful upgrade

Post date: Oct 19, 2012 8:31:13 AM

Yesterday we successfully upgraded an HTC Magic 32A to run Android Gingerbread. We started by downloading the rom and gapps zip-files from - see download label at buttom left corner of page.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get the files transfered to the device using openSUSE with or without adk we booted into Windows 7 and simply copied the files to the device using drag and drop. However, at this point we experienced errors during flash of the rom zip-file. The error message contained references to ro.bootloader. After some searching in the we found a reference to a special version of fastboot commander in this thread, and we downloaded the special version of fastboot commander for the HTC Magic from rapidshare using the link in the just mentioned thread.

Fastbook commander is a java based program for interaction with smartphones. We started the HTC Magic version of the program under Windows 7 by clicking on the jar-file contained in the fastbook commander zip-file. Then went to the HTC Magic tab and downgraded the radio and bootloader to the old one. After this step we were still unable to successfully flash the rom. As a last straw we up upgraded the radio and the bootloader again with erase checked. After this step we were able to successfully flash both the rom file and gapps file.

After the successful upgrade a few extra apps was installed, but key ones were already included with the gapps zip-file. Finally we tested the voice e-mail feature by successfully sending an e-mail - while on a WiFi connection - to recipients in Denmark and Canada.

The phone was powered off, and rebooted in Gingerbread 2.3.7! Thanks to the developers at xda for making tools like fastboot commander available. They bring new life to old hardware!