Services & Specialties

Safepark Consultancy has the philosophy, that our services should have measurable impact on the HSE challenges in your organisation. This means that together we define the outcome of our involvement. This outcome may be qualitative, e.g. your organisation has moved closer to living safety, or quantitative, your number of outstanding action items from the last HAZOP review has been reduced by 60%.

Our specialty is to take a functional goal means oriented approach to problem solution. Thus we start by creating a goals-means view of your organisation and facilities. During this development you may be challenged to define quantitative measures in area, where you may not have such measures. We believe, this will provide you with a better basis for handling future HSE challenges on your own.


  • Preparing for a hazard and operability review of a single unit or your whole facility.
  • Giving a one-day introduciton to risk assessment using Dow's Chemical Exposure Index including examples of estimating the necessary data.
  • Giving a one-day introduction to risk assessment and plant layout using Dow's Fire & Explosion Index including how to avoid the need for economic data.
  • Custom courses in risk assessment for your employees.

What Makes Us Different

We will not enter your facility without a safety introduction to it given by your people.

We believe that the only serious goal as far as fatalities, injuries, releases, fires and explosions at your site is zero. Any number above zero is an indication, that the goal was not seriously considered, and something was not done properly.

We believe that in practice even the best systems may fail. Because humans are involved in their design, construction, use and maintenance. However, we believe humans want to learn to improve.


  • Functonal Hazard and Operabilty Studies: How to prepare for them, how to run them and how to follow up on them.
  • Improved annunciator panel layout by looking at layout of the panel compared with the functional relations among the alarms. We recommend, that the plant structure is better reflected in the annunciator panel layout, than in the photo to the right from a power plant.
  • Review of your control room layout in close collaboration with your operators in order to achieve a more efficient work environment.

Creation of Pre-print Material

Based on our experience with some non-profil organisations Safepark offers to created pre-print material for you, so you print shop can create high quality brochures, posters and other item with print to edge.