Updated on security and mobility

posted Oct 9, 2014, 7:55 AM by Niels Jensen   [ updated Oct 10, 2014, 6:56 AM ]
Yesterday Safepark participated in IBM BusinessConnect 2014 at Bella Center in Copenhagen, and we where updated on the current security threats in both conventional computing and mobile devises in the light of both the international response to the NSA surveillance and to the local case of a trusted IBM employee leaking information about credit card transactions of well known people, such as Crown Prince Frederik, to the media. 

In one presentation speaker reviled how his Linux server at home within minutes of the publication of the bash shell security problem was bombarded with attempts to take over the server by exploiting this bash shell vulnerability. Luckily the server was configured not to execute bash shell scripts based on incoming requests. 

The afternoon feature a panel debate about security of personal information, such as medical records, in light of the needs to use the aggregated records to develop new drugs and in general improve health services. Google told us, that very few people use the tools they have to look at the activity on their Google accounts. Unfortunately we fall in the trap, but that will change shortly.

The morning featured a presentation from Infinity Red Bull Racing, which among other things showed how their pit stop was reduced from an average of 4 seconds two years ago to less than 2 seconds this year.

At one of the talks Safepark attended the presenter told us, that one client wanted to do a trial of BYOD for about 500 employees. When the management platform was installed it discovered, that almost 3500 devices were accessing the corporate mail system. Company employees had just used a standard feature of all exchange servers to login to their company e-mail accounts from their smartphones.

This event features a large number of parallel sessions, and hence it is only possible to attend less than 10% of presentations. This meant, that this year we did not get update on Watson or the public sector. The latter partly because the details of this track was not in the printed event guide.