Unsubscribed from CCPS Safety Beacon

posted Nov 1, 2012, 6:11 AM by Webadmin Safepark Consultancy
After years of reading the CCPS Safety Beacon it is with some sadness, that today we decided to unsubscribe to the monthly newsletter. However, after significant changes to the way the Safety Beacon is distributed we had no choice.
For years the CCPS Safety Beacon have been distributed as links to PDF-files. This made it easy to display or download the newsletter by just clicking on the link in the enclosed files. This month the e-mail look the same, but the links are no longer to PDF files, but to a PPTX file it turns out. The newsletter did not open in either Firefox or Chromium. In Chrome it opened due to the viewer for Microsoft Office files. Firefox gave no hint to what plugin was missing and neither did Chromium.
How did we discover that PPTX files was being distributed? When clicking on the download as PDF link in the bottom - which seem to point to a PDF file - Googles document viewer displays a read only PPTX file. But that is only on the surface. Saving the file to Google Drive actually put a PDF file on your drive.
So until someone explains the purpose of pretending not to be a PDF file is, and why a plugin, which is not easily available is needed we will bypass the Beacon.