The European map of process safety education presented at ECCE-8

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Last week - more specifically Wednesday September 28th, Niels presented the European map of process safety education at the university level at the special two day session "Process safety competence - European strength degrading to weakness" in connection with the 8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering at the ICC in Berlin. 

The two day special session was attended by more than 50 people from industry, consultancies and academia. The four organizers Peter Schmelzer from Bayer, Norbert Pfeil from BAM, Christian Jochum from EPSC and Konstantinos Mitropetros form Dechema had put together a program which covered all aspects of process safety competence.

A highlight of the special session was the keynote on the second day given by professor Martin Pitt from Sheffield University. He delivered a very entertaining talk about teaching process safety in a university environment. In the talk he called process safety the most difficult subject to teach, and showed how a simple investigation of runaway reaction, such as the explosion at T2 Laboratories in the USA would required knowledge of all subjects of chemical engineering as well as solid knowledge of physics.

Niels' presentation was the last one before lunch on the first day of the special session. A PDF-file with presentation slide has been attached to this note together with a short document with the oral comments delivered to the attendees at the symposium. Further information from the successful two day session will be provide by the organizers of the event in the coming months, and a link will then be added to this note. 

The Eurpean map was created by surveying websites of almost 1400 hundred European universities. The initial survey only considered the traditional engineering disciplines such as civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical plus process safety. However, an updated survey which includes the many new types of engineering education available at European university have been started based on feedback from attendees at the special session in Berlin.  The spreadsheet with information gathered have also been attached to this note in the LibreOffice format. If you find errors in the information in the spreadsheet, then please tell us using the contact us form.
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