Scion DTU Hardware Breakfast

posted May 4, 2016, 11:30 AM by Niels Jensen   [ updated May 5, 2016, 7:49 AM ]
Today Safepark attended a Hardware Breakfast at Scion DTU in Kgs.Lyngby just north of Copenhagen. Hardware Breakfast is a new event at which Scion DTU shows off prototype and hardware products in development by some of the many startup company, who take advantage of being close to DTU - one of the largest engineering universities in Norther Europe.

At todays event more than 20 startups showed and demonstrated their products, and Scion DTU explained that hardware focused startups today account for about 50% of the companies in DTU's Sciences and Technology Park.Here just a few of the companies will be mentioned. For a complete list go to the Scion DTU homepage. 

Fluidan is a company which focus on making equipment for real time rheology measurements for use in online process control applications. They demonstrated their liquid rheometer at the event, but told that they also have a prototype which can perform the equivalent of a melt index measurement of plastic. For more information take a look at the attached brochure or go to the company website. The technology, which this company is developing is something, which one of us dreamed about when developing online multivariable control for a polyethylene reactor based on infrequent process samples and laboratory measurements of melt index and density.

Jakob Andersen from MASH Biotech shared some diagrams, which he had created about the collaboration opportunities with are available at DTU. We have attached a copy as a PDF-file, and one of the diagrams is shown to the left. This diagram shows what your DTU collaborators expect to get out of the collaboration.

Another startup OCTLIGHT worked on a prototype for 3D imaging of your eye for quick and better diagnosis of eye problems. Their aim is to develop a devise, which can be used by either a local eye doctor or your GP. Naturally the company already collaborate with the leading eye specialist in the Copenhagen area. Remote sharing of the 3D image during diagnosis of rare diseases is also being considered.

Also displayed at the Hardware Breakfast was sensor build into a wall, color coating of titanium objects, use of oxygen-15 in medical scanning, and a chimney for improved burning in wood burning stoves. LED iBOND innovative use of LEDs both for retrofit of old lamps and for better industrial lighting was also impressive. I wonder if this technology could be made safe for use as outdoor lighting in refineries and chemical plants? I am thinking of new internals for existing lamps - not replacing old lamps with new ones. Retrofitting a large facility could potentially save significantly on the lightning bill, and possibly contributed to a safer workplace during night hours.

Safepark can highly recommend, that you go to Scion DTU website, and subscribe to their newsletter. Then you will be informed about the next free events - and some events - as the one today - are in English.