Safepark at 10th IDC Mobility Conference in Copenhagen

posted Mar 27, 2014, 1:38 PM by Niels Jensen
Today Safepark participated in the 10th IDC Mobility Conference in Copenhagen. Mobility is as you may know part of what IDC calls the 3rd IT Platform. The first platform from the mid 60's was mainframes with terminals attached. Then in the 80's the 2nd platform involving client/server systems with local area networks - called LANs. And at the end of the first decade of this millennium the 3rd platform involving mobility, cloud, big data and social business started to arrive.

Our interest in mobility is the movement from web-presence to mobile presence, which properly just started two or three years ago. At todays conference we attended a workshop on gaining business advantages with mobile innovation, at which Lars-Olof Allerhed from IBM explained how the company have started its mobile journey, which means that many of its employees over the next years will move form using smartsphones and notebooks will move to using smartphones and tablets to perform ALL their work. The transformation will involve the development of about 140 in-house mobile apps, and the typical technical employee would use around 30-40 of these. We expect a similar development within the process safety area.IBM has a mobile development platform called MobileFirst, which allows the development of a single source for delivery to four different platforms including Android, IOS and Windows Phone. This development environment is freely available at IBM DeveloperWorks. First when you want to deploy the apps do you need a paid license.

At the start of todays conference our host Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen mentioned, that 10 years ago one of the topics was management of people working from their home. Latter in the day Lars Baun from Dell explained the freedom he enjoyed in an earlier employment at a time when no had dreamed about the cellphone or the smartphone.

At the start of the day Jason Andersson from IDC showed us, that in mobile development in Denmark there is a higher focus on end user experience, than is seen in other European countries. Another presenter stated, that ROI or return-on-investment in mobile development is not always measured in dollars, pounds or kroner, but in some cases are measured in reduced CO2 emissions. Mobility does not mean that we don't need paper, as shown in the video "Paper has a great Future".

An interesting aspect of the conference was, that the security people appear to continue their focus on device security, i.e. encryption of all data on a device and the ability ot eras data remotely if a devices is lost. Which happens about 90.000 times a year in San Francisco. Safepark believe, that the focus should move to document security. If documents were secured (i.e. encrypted) then it really did not mater if a private Drop Box is used as a temporary storage. Safepark is extensively using cloud storage, and using this approach as needed to limit the risk of storing documents in the cloud.

The end of the day showed Rikke Koch from the Alaxandra Institute talk about wearables, such as arm bands measure your exercise, Google glass and even wearable built into clothes. Safepark is also getting in wearables by supporting the Kickstarter project the Dash. More about this device when  we get our hands on it early next year.