Qlik Visualize Your World event in Copenhagen

posted Oct 21, 2014, 12:41 PM by Niels Jensen
Today Safepark attended Qlik's Visualize Your World at the Tivoli Hotel here in Copenhagen, which feature first introduction of Qlikview Sense to the Danish market. Qlikview Sense was introduced after the opening keynote on the future of visualization. 

Qlikview Sense take in our view BI to a new level. It features drag-and-drop data import, as well as drag-and-drop chart creation. And to get you started you can download a desktop version for your Windows 7 or 8 computer from www.clik.com. We have done so already, and report on our experience with Qlikview Sense in the near future. The introduction of Qlikview Sense featured a live demo of the capabilities of the server version of Qlikview Sense. Envision you are given a presentation to your board using a presentation automatically created form your Qlikview Sense app, and suddenly a board members ask you a question. Normally you would have to acknowledge the question, and get back to the board member after the meeting. With Qlikview Sense server version you can go right from your presentation back to the original Qlikview Sense app on the server, highlight the chart in question and add data needed to answer the board members question. Thus the question is resolve effectively here and now, and you avoid the sending of e-mailing all board members about the question after the meeting. 

Furthermore Qlikview Sense implements many of the visualization guidelines, which Stephen Few for years have been advocating in his books, and which Inspari have introduced to anyone in Denmark, who cared to listen. It features color schemes which avoid problems with color blind people. Inspari at the meeting today distributed a short guide to visualization that anyone making presentations involving data should get their hands on - unfortunately I only have a Danish version.

After the morning keynote the day continued with 3 parallel sessions. We attended a really good  session featuring different demos of Qlikview solutions some in-house from Qlik and some available on the internet. One of the ones shown briefly at todays meeting was the Shift Project Data Portal, which you can access at www.tsp-data-portal.org/ and explore some of the features of Qlikview. Another is the Choke Point Index for water in California - try to google this. Another positive experience was Inspari's presentation on visualization guidelines, as well as S-Cubed presentation on using Qlikview in connection with data from clinical trials, which have special requirements on who can watch what and when, as well as the issue of data security both from the patient perspective and from the company perspective.

The day was rounded off by Swedish Futurologist Magnus Lindkvist showing us the different between horizontal development - selling more of the same in other areas - and vertical development - going from selling candles for reading to selling LED light-bulbs. Magnus Lindkivst also told us, that salespeople are good of the former, while engineers excels at the latter. During Magnus Lindkivst's talk we also learned the difference between sports and business, which is that in sports the rules usually don't change during the game. We also learned, that R & D could be interpreted in a new way: Ripoff & Duplicate, and new word: IKEAficaton.

All in all Qlik's Visualize Your World was time well spent, although some sessions could benefit from a clearer focus.