Presentation on usage of ffmpeg

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At the start of spring, i.e. March 1st 2012, Niels gave a presentation on the usage of ffmpeg for vidoe and sound manipulation at the Process Technical Society of IDA in Hillerød. About 10 people attended this third meeting in the series "Linux - one step deeper". 

The presentation (in Danish) has been attached to this posting at file "2012 03 01 NJ Presentation_linux_et_spadestik_dybere ffmpeg.pdf" together with the script "", which performs all the manipulations described in the presentation, the base vidoe files "", which are hereby released under the creative commons license. The resulting video from the evenings project can be viewed here.

Finally two extra scripts are atteached. The first one "" ensures that the videos are no longer in the proprietary Canon codec, but in yuv420p, as well as ensuring the frame rate is standard PAL. 

All scripts have been attached as a singel zip-file to avoid issues with cross-site scripting.

Update @15:45: Added $LOCATION parameter to parameterfile video.prm, which is used by script Also modified script to work with latest verison of ffmpeg, and modified font size and spacing of lines on introductory picture and exit picture.
Update @16:55: Found some sound problems with the script. Corrected those, and uploaded revised scritps, which now also include a webpage parameter.
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