OCRA - The newest tool in our toolbox

posted Jun 17, 2010, 1:32 PM by Safepark Company
Niels continues to look for new tools, that can aid in making your workplace safer for your employees. One such tool is OCRA - an occopational risk calculator developed in Holland and now thanks to DTU Management Engineering also available in Danish.
The original OCRA tool will calculate the risk to a worker based on his/her exposure to certain task based on more than 12.000 serious accidents in Holland which have been carefully modelled. DTU Management Engineering have enhanced the tool by providing a PDA based application for recording worker exposure data during actual on-site observations. This enhancement makes it easy to add exposure profiles for new occupations, e.g social workers in homes or nurses based on a few days of observations.
The result provided by OCRA will currently reflect the workplace culture in Holland. However, the Dutch are collaborating both with the Danes and the English, so at meeting in IDA, where the tool was presented last monday Niels proposed to the Dutch project leaders that a small sample of 100 accidents from each of the three countries be modelled to attempt to see if one could see any cultural differences. This should not be the case with so similar countries.