International Workshop on Functional Modeling

posted Jul 20, 2012, 4:22 AM by Webadmin Safepark Consultancy
Most people when  hearing the term Functional Safety immediately thing about ISA ANSI S84.00.01 and related IEC standards 61508 and 61511 giving guidelines for the design of safety systems in most modern chemical plants. If one google Functional Safety the first page of result will include references to the IEC standards. Although the mentioned standards provide a good basis for the design of safety system in our process plants this is purely based on good engineering practice, and for the most part it miss the scientific underpinings.
Funtional Modeling, which is a research area in the field of artificial intelligence or AI, attempt to create a scientific basis for designing safety systems, alarm systems and control systems. In doing this the questions asked are: What should be the control structure be to ensure mass- and energy balances don't give problems during operation of the plant? What should we be alarmed about? And which countermeasures should be provided to normalized the alarm situation? What safety barriers should be established to avoid worst case scenarioes?
At the International Workshop on Functional Modelling on November 6th & 7th, 2012 at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens  Lyngby just north of Copenhagen these questions and many others related to functional  modeling will be discussed. AI  allows for reasoning about events in the models, and hence about events in the plants the attempt to model the functionality of.
The workshop flyer with more infomation about the IWMF is attached to this note. Industrial viewpoints on functional modeling of safety systems are most welcome.
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Jul 20, 2012, 4:22 AM