IDC Cloud Computing 2013 in Copenhagen

posted Jun 13, 2013, 12:45 PM by Niels Jensen   [ updated Jun 13, 2013, 11:16 PM ]
Cloud Computing
Safepark Consultancy is a company, which makes extensive use of the cloud services provided by Google Apps. We are quite pleased with the many services provided by Google and how they support a small new company. However, today we attended IDC's one day conference in Copenhagen titled "Modernizing the Organization with Cloud and Converged Services" to learn how others are using the cloud to provide services.

Overall many of the presentations sounded much like the presentations about outsourcing, which we listened to more than five years ago, except that the word "cloud" was used in stead of the word "outsourcing". This is only on the surface and as far as the issues one have to consider when using the cloud. Cloud is a tool to quickly pursue new business opportunities to the quickness and ease of deployment of new services using e.g. the IBM SmartCloud, which you can try for free here.

The conference opened with a presentation by Anders Elbak from IDC, who used NIST definition of cloud computing available here. Nick Hyner from Dell talked about famous drink from Denmark, and the PocketCloud technology, which they acquired by buying Wise. You can get your own PocketCloud with 2 GB storage for free. NetApp talked about the importance of tying together the different types of clouds in a transparent manor. However, what I really remember was Tim Waldron's story about a taxi driver in Munich. Some years ago the CEO of NetApp was in Munich and due to purring rain needed a cab to drive him just 200 meters from the hotel to a meeting location. The driver did this with great courtesy in a rather old car. Once back in the office the CEO told his secretary, that the company should use this drivers services as much as possible. Today more than five years later the taxi driver is a successful owner of a company with 8 Mercedes S-class cars and 44 employees. It all started by providing courteous service to a CEO. It is a small an wonderful world!

Rob McMahon explained the seven steps to become a successful cloud service broker: strategic plan, types of services, automate processes, SLA management, protection of services, assets management and risk assessment. Another speaker mentioned that the Danish company NNIT had successfully deployed a cloud in Denmark aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, and another that major international players appear interested in establishing facilities in Denmark. The conference was rounded off by two Danish companies explaining how they successfully deployed Microsofts Office365. As always in such cases I wonder why alternatives, such as Google Apps were not considered? After all the Danish media company Berlingske have successfully implemented Google Apps, and are currently exploiting ways to increase revenue from their internet services.

At Safepark Consultancy we just like Verizon take a pragmatic approach to cloud services. Exactly what this means will become apparent throughout the rest of the year.