Cisco Connect 2015 at Bella Center in Copenhagen

posted May 8, 2015, 11:37 AM by Niels Jensen   [ updated May 10, 2015, 11:33 AM ]
This year was our third participation in the annual Cisco Connect gathering at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. This year the usual line-up at registration was completely absent. This was because Cisco Denmark had asked us to print tickets with QR codes at home, and these were scanned as you walked by the registration area. This is something for international technical conference to learn from, and I will propose an experiment for next years Loss Prevention Symposium in Freiburg, Germany.

The day started rather slow with a welcome by the CEO Niels Münster-Hansen of Cisco Denmark and a panel discussion between representatives of three gold partners about the next steps in the digitization of Denmark. Journalist Thomas Larsen was there to ask the leading questions. I my view this discussion never got off the ground. But things changes speed with the keynote titled "Connect the Unconnected" by Bas Boorsma and Christian Heinel. Bas has the title of Director Internet of Everything, while is security evangelist. During 45 minutes they covered both ethical and security issues when you tie everything together.

Before and after lunch there were breakout session on topics such as networks, security, collaboration and data centers. Before lunch I learned about some new software based tools for implementing policies. It seemed to take the headache out of getting such policies from English language to the language of routers - especially Cisco routers. However, my knowledge of routers was too sallow to appreciate this new technology. Hence after lunch I switched to collaboration. Here I heard about the latest offerings from Cisco, such as dual 60" screens with dual cameras for the small meeting room and the large wall size systems with three screens. Cisco Cameras have the ability of detecting movement in the room, and when that happens they will zoom out from focusing on the person speaking to giving a view of the whole room. At collaboration demo island I discovered, that Cisco also had a model with a single screen and a single camera - just the thing I need at home to keep in contact with friends and family far away. The amazing thing is that all this technology can be used from an app on your iPad. You can get an overview of the apps, which Cisco provide for both Android and iOS here. However, some things appeared as old wine on new bottles, such as streaming two different streams to the same screen. That I saw demonstrated live at the Warpstock Europe Ecomstation and OS/2 conference in Stralsund in November 2009. At that event two different video streams were shown on the same screen with sound on both - not something I consider were usefull. But watching a movie while you are waiting for a soccer game to start on another channel is rather useful.In a business setting this could be watching a news cast or a training video while people gathered at the remote site.

The day ended by a keynote on motivation by Tom Kristensen, who toke us from the no data no monitoring situation during his first Le Mans, to the data and monitoring provided by the Audi R19 Ultra during the latest Le Mans. A fascinating and very inspiring way to end a good day.

The exhibition area appeared more busy than previous years. However, it is difficult to understand why breakfast is first served during the first break and not when you arrive at the start of the day. This takes away time from visiting the exhibitors. Also given the technology, which Cisco are promoting at these events, why not stream the sessions to the internet using the company's WebEx tool? When openSUSE could stream live video from their recent conference in Delft, then this should also be possible for Cisco. This would allow people from Fyn and Jylland to stay home, and participate from their desktop.