Can project-work be done smarter?

posted Jan 29, 2016, 11:29 AM by Niels Jensen   [ updated Jan 29, 2016, 11:42 AM ]
Friday morning Safepark attended a seminar a the local office of Projectplace, which is a Swedish company founded in 1998 and taken over by Planview - a Texas based company - in 2014. Projectplace has one product, which is a project collaboration tool, which makes it easy to share ideas and progress among members of a project-team, and also discuss ideas with other team members without having to cope with a flood of emails.

The title of the seminar which we signed up for was "How can you build qualified portfolio mangement and effective project-teams in one and the same solution". by Patrick Kjellin,who has the title of Solution Marketing Manager. Unfortunately he could not come, and in his place came Karolina Jackson-Ward, who is product manager for projectplace form the Stockholm office. That change clearly somehow influenced the aim of the seminar. So we are treated to a talk highlighting findings from two surveys done in Europe and Northamerican about issues with project collaboration. With projectplace your project documents are stored in projectplace clould solution. Some companies, who are uncomfortable with this, can store just links to documents hosted elsewhere.We were unable to find any information about encryption on the projectplace website. That is somewhat concerning with the focus on security these days.

Our reason for attending the morning seminar at Symbion in Copenhagen was our involvement in arranging meetings for patients with common disease. These meetings appear to follow the same pattern each time, much the project of publishing a periodical each months. Hence we thought that a project collaboration tool would be ideal. However, in our case the team members are mostly volunteers using their free time, and we came away from the meeting Friday morning thinking, that this team would not be happy with the somewhat top down approach to projects, which seems to be inherent in Projectplace, So we are stil looking for a tool to help streamlining our patient meeting projects. Something, which fits with our use of Google for Work would be good.

After the seminar we signed up for a free two week trial of projectplace, but quickly concluded that it was not the best tool for our volunteer teams.

So we think project-work can be done smarter,but we are stil searching for the right tools.