"Big Data" - the latest IT buss word or a business tool?

posted Sep 16, 2016, 8:32 AM by Niels Jensen
Today Safepark attended a morning seminar at Scion DTU title "Big Data for professionals" in order to get some feeling for what this latest IT buss word really mean. We got away somewhat disappointed - but maybe we are not professional enough to get the message.One of the first slides (see picture to the left) gave the following definition of Big Data: "The practices and technology that close the gab between the data available and the ability to turn that data into business insight". That was wonderful! Now we know, that Big Data consist of two things: practices (skills) and technology. 

Unfortunately the focus of the presentation was on examples of the practices and technology you could buy as a service from vendors such as IBM. We had expected - given the location of the presentation - that we would get away with some knowledge of the underlying technology, such as Hadoop to handle large datasets, and the statistical tool "R" to get answers to specific questions our of the data. We did get some information about in memory databases, such as SAP Hana and Microsoft SQL, but no information about open source alternatives such as Redis, SQLite or UnQLite for capital constraint startups. We also heard about the business model behind IBM Watson, and some examples of its capabilities. It was mentioned, that IBM Watson could act as an intelligent assistant for a doctor - or if they don't want such an assistant - as a for-a-fee cloud services for individuals. We look forward to hear more about the capabilities of IBM Watson at IBM Business Connect next month.

At the end of today's presentation Scion DTU announced, that they have follow-up arrangement on November 2nd in Søhuset at Scion DTU in Hørsholm. As of this writing this event is not on their homepage.